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-With purchase of a facial,  massage, hydrafacial, microneedling, advanced chemical peel, or dermaplaning session you are granted access to our lockers room with showers, two relaxation rooms, as well as one bonus experience (Salt Room, Sand Room, Sauna). You will also receive a bonus sea salt foot soak, as well as access to beverages and snacks.

-If you have a service not listed above, and you would like to use the bonus rooms, there is an extra charge. 

-If you do not have a service scheduled, but just want to enjoy the relaxation and bonus rooms, you may purchase a "spa pass". 

- You will start your spa experience in the relaxation rooms. You will be taken to your treatment room at your scheduled time, but are free to come early and enjoy the amenities or stay after your treatment to enjoy our amenities. We recommend that you arrive at least 30-60 minutes early or plan on staying after your treatment to enjoy all the amenities we have to offer.

-When you arrive at the spa for your experience, you will be taken to the locker rooms and asked to put on a robe and spa slippers. You may undress to your comfort level.

-Lockers are available to store valuables.

-There are NO CELL PHONES allowed in relaxation areas or treatment rooms, please leave them in locker.

-We ask that you use a “spa voice” while in relaxation areas.

-Once you are in your “spa attire”, our spa staff will meet you in the relaxation room. From here you may start your experience with a bonus experience, foot soak, or a beverage, or some relaxation.

-Please keep in mind that bonus experiences are not scheduled, they are available by first come first serve basis. Salt and sand rooms can accommodate more than one person at a time, but sauna and zero gravity chairs are only for single use. IF you are having trouble getting a chance to experience an extra experience, visit with the spa host, and she can help you coordinate your stay.

-You will be taken to your treatment room at your scheduled time. It is important that treatments stay on time to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

-Once your treatment is complete, you will be taken back to the relaxation rooms. You may stay and relax for as long as you would like.

-When you are finished with your spa experience, return to the dressing room, shower, change into your clothes, gather your valuables, and check out up front.

-Don’t forget to schedule another spa experience. 



There is no right or wrong way to enjoy the spa, it is your time to spend your way.  Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


 2+ Hours

-Arrive and change into your “spa attire” (provided).

-Start in the water themed relaxation room. Have a light snack and enjoy an Himalayan sea salt foot soak.

- Once you are completely relaxed, head to the infrared sauna for a 30 minute detox session.

-Enjoy the pampering of an Eminence Spa Facial (60 minutes) or for a quicker treatment try the O2 to Glow facial (30 minutes)

-Spend some time in a relaxed and zen state in the sand room. Work the sand between your fingers and toes, deep breath, meditate, or even take a nap.

-Experience the warmth and relaxation of the fire room. Curl up with a throw and your favorite book or magazine, a warm cup of tea, and read a few chapters.

-Change and now you are ready to go back to your daily life.


Price varies, based on services chosen

 4+ Hours

Change into your “spa attire” (provided).

-Head directly to the Zero gravity suite to kick back in our massage chair. 30 minutes and you are relaxed.

-Detox in our infrared sauna. 30 minutes

-Regroup in the relaxation room, hydrate with a beverage, have a snack while you soak your feet in a Himalayan and essential oil bath. (30 minutes)

-Enjoy a pampering treatment such as a massage or facial 60 minutes

-Breath easy in the halotherapy room, read a book or take a nap. 45 minutes

-Have lunch delivered from your favorite place in town, and enjoy a meal all to yourself. (extra charge) 45 minutes

-With a full stomach, head to the sand room to dip your toes in the sand, try a little meditation

-Shower and take your time returning to “the real world”

-Book your next spa day on your way out.



Instead of the usual dinner and drinks, try this!

 2- 3 hours $85 each person

-Change in spa attire and meet in the relaxation room to plan your day. Start with a hot beverage and a foot soak. 30 minutes

-Treatment flash facials (30 minutes each)

-Meet back in the Salt room and breath in the salty air, opening airways . . . . . 45 minutes

-Dust off and enjoy one more snack and some quiet time before showering, changing clothes and parting ways.


2 hours $120 for two

Change in to spa attire and meet in the relaxation room. Start with a beverage and a foot soak.

For HIM: head to the sauna or the zero gravity massage chair 30 minutes

For HER: Flash Facial (30 minutes)

FOR BOTH: Salt room (30-45 minutes)


Change in to spa attire and meet in the relaxation room. Start with a beverage and a foot soak.

FOR BOTH: Salt room (30-45 minutes)

For HIM:60 minute massage followed by sauna session

For HER: Eminence Facial

PRIVATE PARTY (Maximum 6) 

3.5 hours $600

-Reserve the spa space after hours or Sunday for a private celebration.

-Includes Spa Host for the duration of the event

Each guest receives a robe, slippers to use for the event.

-Spa water and tea for the evening

-Foot soak for each guest (various times throughout the event)

-Flash facial treatment for each guest (rotating throughout the event)

-Unlimited use of Salt Room, Sand Room, Sauna, Zero Gravity Massage Chair for each guest

-Take home party bag for each guest

-Light snacks can be brought in by host for consumption in relaxation rooms only.

-The spa generally does not allow phones in the relaxation areas, but with a private booking that is at the discretion of the host.

-Cost is the same for 1-6 guests.



2-2.5 Hours

Same as above, but without flash facial. In lieu of individual flash facials, there will be a session in the relaxation rooms featuring gel sheet masques, Himalayan Sea Salt foot soak,  and heated shoulder wraps.

All participants receive this treatment at the same time.

 Private party bookings are limited. Book early.

$100 Non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking.